"150 FOR JESUS!"

Celebrating 150 Years of Worship and Ministry in "the Clove"

In 1871 and 1872, the building where we worship today was brought to our present location, across from the Clove Cemetery, and expanded. This was 150 years ago. In the coming year, we want to commemorate this anniversary by magnifying Jesus, the One who s Head of His Church. He has sustained the preaching of the Gospel in this community for 150 years! As a church family, we will celebrate "150 years for Jesus" by blessing our community with 150 purposeful deeds of kindness and grace, for Jesus' sake. We are asking each member, as well as our congregation as a whole, to find small ways to bless others in Jesus' Name, by speaking or doing something to help meet a specific need. In this way someone else can experience the love of our Savior, working through His people.

We will list some of these 150 acts of grace as we complete them:



1.       One member regularly picks up roadside trash on their morning walk.

2.       One member helped a friend move from an apartment to a house.

3.       Two members visited a 90+-year-old shut-in, and cleaned her windows, changed her curtains, and helped get things ready for winter

4.       One member saw a mother and daughter at McDonald’s, who were short on cash to buy what the               daughter wanted to eat. Our member stepped in and paid the cashier for their meals.

5.       One member took a meal to a friend who was not feeling well

6.       A member sent an “Edible Arrangement” to someone going thru a hard time

7.       A member invited a single woman, We collected and donated a garbage bag full of winter coats to Dutchess Outreach.

9.       One member prayed for a grumpy sales clerk

10.   One person took a friend out to lunch

11.   When someone was being very rude to them, this person was able to stay calm, with God’s help

12.   One person went with a neighbor as they drove to the airport to pick up their husband, at 10:30 PM

13.   One person visited an old friend in a nursing home after she had major surgery

14.   A member took four older women to see a special musical concert

15.   One person took a friend to lunch while her husband was in ICU after surgery

16.   One person recognized that a neighbor was having a stroke, and called for help so that he got to the hospital in time!

17.   One person, serving with Love, Inc., helped someone without a computer to establish an e-mail address, and then complete a job application on-line.

18.   One person thoughtfully listened to other family members, to bring encouragement, during a family gathering.

19.   One person spent 2 hours talking with a homeless couple on the street, and gave them some money.

20.   One person, who always has a cheerful attitude, looks out for the needs and concerns of others.

21.   One member purchased and delivered groceries for a family that was ill.

22.   One person called and spoke with someone they knew was lonely, hurting, and far away.

23.   One person sent several pictures they had taken to someone who wanted to see them.

24.   One member gave a person from Poughkeepsie a ride to church.

25.   One member spent time talking with a clerk at Subway, and then gave her a Gospel tract.

26.   One member bought groceries for a single woman who does not drive, and couldn’t get out thru other resources.

27.   One person agreed to help out a wedding party by taking photographs, when there was no hired photographer.

28.   One member went to spend time with a friend who was caring for her dying father.

29.   Our food ministry, “To God Be the Glory” shared multiple food items with the following groups: The Community Action Partnership program in Dover;

30.   The Pawling Community Resource Center

31.   The Holy Trinity Food Pantry in Poughkeepsie

32. The Dutchess Outreach "Lunchbox" program for homeless folks