"150 FOR JESUS!"

Celebrating 150 Years of Worship and Ministry in "the Clove"

In 1871 and 1872, the building where we worship today was brought to our present location, across from the Clove Cemetery, and expanded. This was 150 years ago. In the coming year, we want to commemorate this anniversary by magnifying Jesus, the One who s Head of His Church. He has sustained the preaching of the Gospel in this community for 150 years! As a church family, we will celebrate "150 years for Jesus" by blessing our community with 150 purposeful deeds of kindness and grace, for Jesus' sake. We are asking each member, as well as our congregation as a whole, to find small ways to bless others in Jesus' Name, by speaking or doing something to help meet a specific need. In this way someone else can experience the love of our Savior, working through His people.

We will list some of these 150 acts of grace as we complete them: