Our Missions and Missionaries

Reaching Long Into the World

GO, and Make Disciples!

We believe that Christ's Great Commission calls us to share the Gospel locally, in the Hudson Valley, AND globally. To do that we partner with local organizations, and missionaries and mission organizations, to help build the kingdom of Christ

Local Missions:

TO GOD BE THE GLORY - Our treasurer, Jim Billups, uses a refrigerated van to pick up food items from area resources, and then gives the food to area churches and families to provide for the needy. 90% of the finances for this ministry come through Valley Bible Fellowship Church

CARENET - CareNet is a pregnancy crisis center in Poughkeepsie, helping women make informed choices in difficult circumstances, and providing support to unwed mothers.

Missions in the USA:

BIBLE FELLOWSHIP CHURCH EXTENSION - We support Ray and Louise Bertolet in their ministry of helping our denomination plant new Bible Fellowship Churches. Ray and Louise are assisting church-plants in Delaware and Maryland.

URBAN MINISTRY - We support Ralph and Carolyn Ritter as they serve at Wissinoming Bible Fellowship Church in northeast Philadelphia.

SHORT-TERM MISSIONS - Chris and Becky Merrick recruit and lead short-term mission teams in practical service projects wherever the need exists. Some teams assist at local churches or camps, some teams travel overseas to places like Costa Rica or Morocco.

EVANGELISM - Dan Allen leads Joy in Jesus Ministries, and trains churches and pastors in evangelism, as well as making an annual trip to India to train and encourage pastors in that country.

Overseas Missions:

AMY S. - Amy has served in Southeast Asia for several years, working with children and youth, and in community outreach



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